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The Worst Breakup Lines

by / Tuesday, 01 April 2014 / Published in Blog

Breaking up isn’t easy. Girls, and guys, spend their days on the couch with ice cream and chocolate. Boxes of tissues are used until the day when we decide to get off our bums and do something about it. Being single isn’t all bad though… In fact, these break up lines will make you glad that you’re still single.

From harsh to funny, people have been subjected to them all. What’s the worst you’ve ever heard? Read below and be glad that this wasn’t you…

“I was going to wait for you to die, but it was taking far too long.”

“I don’t need you, I don’t want you, I don’t love you.”

“Get your tongue out of my month. I am kissing you goodbye.”

“I can’t handle another year with you. Please get out.”

“I’ve had my tonsils removed, so I’ll be sick for a while. I won’t be able to talk to you on the phone, or see you again.”

“Sorry, but my boyfriend loves me more than you do.”

“I can’t fix what my heart does not want to fix.”

“I’m already dating someone.”

“I lied every time I told you I loved you.”

“I’ve been in love with my ex for the past 8 years.”

“It’s not you, it’s your tweets.”

Being single isn’t that bad, huh? At least you know that you won’t be subject to any of these lines. It’s the perfect time for you to sign up to an online dating website. Get to it!

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