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What NOT to wear on a first date

by / Monday, 05 May 2014 / Published in Blog

What do guys really like us to wear on a first date? It is easy to think that we need (or are required) to show some skin and look sexy as hell, right? Let’s be serious ladies, if a man is looking for something serious, if you walk up to the table in a mini skirt (that could also double as a belt) and a cleavage revealing t-shirt, than you have set yourself up as a booty call, nothing more and nothing less.

The key here is to dress safely. This means dressing as a toned down version of yourself. You do not want to hide who you are at all, but tone it down a bit. If you are the artsy creative type, dress that way – but not over the top. Remember, first dates, specifically dates that have been set up via an online dating service, need to be as honest and unintimidating as possible.


So, what are the big NO-NO’s for a first date?


•     Do not, as mentioned before, wear anything too revealing.
•     No sweatpants – nothing that hides your entire body
•     No over the top lipstick – I’m talking red, plum or a lipstick that is named ‘vixen.’
•     Furry fluffy boots – this makes you look like a high maintenance kinds lady
•     No glitter. Seriously, no glitter.


The first date is an INTRODUCTION, a baby step and gives you the chance to begin a relationship with someone on a completely clean slate. So approach the date with fashionable caution. Men globally agree that a woman in jeans, heels and a t-shirt is simply gorgeous. This is because it is a sexy, comfortable and unintimidating look that makes you seem approachable, natural and easy going.

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