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Valentine’s Day Surprises

by / Wednesday, 12 February 2014 / Published in Blog

With two days left till Valentine’s Day, we hope you have something spectacular planned for your significant other. If not, we have some last minute Valentine’s Day ideas that are sure to please. Remember, Valentine’s Day is about love.

• Every woman wants to feel loved, and there is a reason flowers are so popular. Surprise your lady at work with a huge bunch of flowers, but think out of the box! Proteas, sunflowers, and orchids are all fantastic ideas.

• We all know what guys like- biltong, beer, and sports. Treat your man to a night on a couch with all of his favourite treats, while watching his favourite team.

• If you can’t get a reservation at her favourite restaurant, find one of Johannesburg’s hidden gems. Parkhurst and Greenside are full of gorgeous little spots guaranteed to take her breath away. There’s also nothing like a gorgeous little picnic with your pooches.

• Men love a home cooked meal, we all know that. Leave work a little bit earlier on Valentine’s and prepare his favourite, be it pork roast or a rack of ribs. Your man will appreciate this much more than a meal dining out.

• If her and her best friend are inseparable, then why not head out on a double date? The two boys can keep each other entertained while the ladies giggle away. Guaranteed your lady will love this idea.

• Valentine’s Day is about you two. Make sure that whatever you do, you do out of love.

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