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How to tell if you’re in the Wrong Relationship

by / Thursday, 20 March 2014 / Published in Blog

A relationship should make you feel loved and wanted. Going home at the end of the day should be what you look forward to every moment. Rose-coloured glasses often cloud our vision at the beginning of the relationship. You need to be in a relationship that makes you happy. Here’s how to tell if you’re in the wrong relationship…

You are constantly defending your significant other and their behaviour

You should never have to justify your partner’s behaviour, just like your partner should never behave badly. Of course, we all have slip ups, but continuing to do so is a bad sign.

You feel the need to change for your partner

Your partner should love you as you are, plain and simple. You should never feel the need to change, and you especially shouldn’t change who you are for them.

Criticism in the relationship is a constant

If your partner is constantly making comments about you and your appearance- whether jokingly or not- it is a huge warning sign. Your partner should build you up and make you feel fantastic, not poke at your insecurities.

Your partner makes all of the decisions

A relationship is a two way street. You are your partner need to make decisions together. If you are left silent while your partner decides what you are doing, you need to speak up.

Your partner controls who you see and when

You’re in a relationship, yes, but you can decide who you want to see and when. As mentioned above, you need to make decision together.

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