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Single Women Meeting Men

by / Wednesday, 04 June 2014 / Published in Blog

Single women need not feel alone at all these days. If going out with a pack of predatory females does not delight and entrance you, check for possible male partners online and see if you have any luck.

It is entirely possible for single women to go out alone or with single friends but sometimes you get dragged along by well-meaning married couple friends and you hate every minute of being the fifth wheel on the wagon. Everybody feels a little uncomfortable and not sure of the way to act. It always feels as though something or somebody is missing from around the table. This missing person is really the mate who is waiting out there for you to find him.

All you have to do is set the search for him in action. If nobody has yet introduced him to you on a blind date and you haven’t men him at gym or at the flower market, he is still just a breath away, calling you closer and closer like the sirens called the sailors. Not a good analogy because they called the sailors to their death on the rocky outcroppings but the intention is all good!

If you can’t find your special man for the looking, you’re obviously looking in the wrong places. You now have to extend the net and search farther afield and in different places or you could just log on and look for him on our online dating site. Maybe he’s given up looking for you too and is hoping you’ll snaffle him up online now.

Whatever the story, get busy now and let the universe know that you are looking for him- the lid for your pot. This is a good analogy because even if the lid rattles a little, it can still keep the steam and heat in and cook the dish to perfection. Just serve this dish up on your plate of happiness and you’ll never look back.

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