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Sex makes you Smarter- Get down on it!

by / Thursday, 27 February 2014 / Published in Blog

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been proven that sex not only decreases stress, burns calories, AND makes you happier, it also makes you smarter. Do we need an excuse to have more sex? Probably not. 😉 Tests by psychologists have proven that regular sex helps to grow brain cells. What are you waiting for?

So, having a stressful week? Struggling to remember what you need to get done tomorrow? Looking to burn off that lunch burger? Jump into the sack with your lover! Researchers in both South Korea and Maryland have found that sexual activity in mice and rats improves their mental performance and helps in the production of new neurons. Improved cognitive function helps you to better form and store long term memories.

There is however debate as to whether pornographic material might be destructive to the brain. Excessive viewing is thought to result in permanent “pathological and anatomical” changes to the brain. But, this has been rebutted by numerous sources due to lack of evidence. While pornography might not result in permanent brain damage, it can affect your working memory. Your ability to focus on multiple items and juggle your thoughts is diminished.

While having more sex makes you smarter, being smarter does not mean you’ll have more sex. In fact, smart teenagers delay their first sexual experiences in order to follow more intellectual pursuits.

So guys and girls, if you’re looking to expand that brain of yours, get between the sheets.

“You gotta get on the groove,
if you want your body to move.”

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