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Online Dating

by / Tuesday, 13 May 2014 / Published in Blog

Online dating doesn’t mean you sit behind a computer in your pyjamas and never see the light of day again. You do actually have to get dressed and go outside and talk to a real live person. We are not that far into dystopia that total contact with humanity is prohibited.

Understandably, some people consider it anathema to make arrangements to meet a total stranger in a place that neither of them would normally be seen dead and have to attempt to keep a conversation going for a few laborious, tedious and highly traumatising hours whilst trying to hold in untoned abs and attempting not to slug that glass of wine like a desperate inebriate and strain not to keep checking the time. Get these tiresome preliminaries over by embracing online dating.

Well get over it because that is what some dating is all about. However, there is a solution- not fool proof because of the variables involved- that could make it a trifle easier to meet another lonely survivor of the dating world. The variables involved are important. They are troublesome and unpredictable and they are you and the person on the other end of the communication. Never lie to each other by saying you look like either or both of the Jolie-Pitts when in fact the similarity is so lacking that you could actually come from another planet than the one which offered them to the world.

Don’t say you are a temperate, mild-mannered pacifist when you are actually a mean tempered, morose grump. You may get the first date but that one is likely to end quickly and the prospects of another would be infinitesimal, to say the least! You would probably have more chance of hearing Jacob renounce polygamy. I think not!

Be honest but don’t downplay your good points. Nobody really likes a bad boy or girl! Or only in their fantasies, they do. Get online and get lucky!

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