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Online Dating Fails

by / Monday, 24 March 2014 / Published in Blog

The world of dating sites isn’t perfect. While I met my gorgeous husband online, I did go through a few frogs first. A couple of the messages I received had me falling off of my chair in laughter, so I had to share them with you. Have a look below and be glad you haven’t had to deal with any of these men…

“Hey baby. You’re so cute. I’d like to fold you up and put you in my pocket. Are you house broken?”

Wow, in what world would this line work? Asking if I’m house broken put me on the same level as your poodle. No sweetie, I’m NOT interested.

“If you want to give an older guy a shot then call me. ;)”

Eww! The last thing I need is to be stuck on a date with an “older guy.” You know, the ones who are 68 but put 40 on their profiles… running away!

“Damn, yous a hot milf. Hits me up for a dayt.”

Firstly, I’m only 25, and I don’t have a child. Secondly, it would be incredibly difficult for me to “dayt” a guy with spelling and grammar like that. Read a book.

“Hi. My wife and I find you very attractive and we’d like to date you. If you’re already seeing someone, you’re welcome to bring them with.”

I’m not sure what part of my profile suggested I was into swinging, but clearly this guy thought he’d try his luck. Would I still be on a dating site if I was seeing someone? Probably not.

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