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Is It Okay To Sit At Home And Search The Internet For Your Love?

by / Tuesday, 17 September 2013 / Published in Blog

An often arguable subject is this. Has online dating ruined the personal process of meeting someone while out and about? Or is it okay to sit at home and search the internet for your love? Has the internet made people lazy to take action and be romantic and original? I know a friend who literally had a template he used to use when first messaging girls on dating sites. Then again there are those people who are shy and do benefit from online dating. They get to know people and build up confidence before they even meet.

A study done in England showed the following results when it came to online dating:

  • 1 in 5 relationships start online.
  • Almost half of all single people have looked for love on the internet.
  • In one day, 9 million Brits will log onto the net looking for love.
  • The online dating network worldwide is raking in a cool 4 billion US dollars and is growing at 70% a year.

Its strange how in older times, match making was the thing to do. Your parents matched you with someone and that was the end of that. Then came the 90’s and match making became a “crime”. Parents were looked at with disdain for suggesting that you meet one the family friend’s sons or daughters. These days it has returned, the middle man, the match maker. Cupid in the form of a website!

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