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Give Online Dating a Bash

by / Thursday, 22 May 2014 / Published in Blog

Online Dating

Historically, dating has been problematic. It has hardly ever been a case of two people meeting and liking each other and then going on a date. On the negative side- for those who see the glass as half empty- the definition of dating is that you will eventually have a serious heartbreak and will definitely want to slit your wrists and wither away in angst. Online dating makes the initial meeting more structured but could also be filled with the trauma that accompanies the entire dating process.

Dating is a form of courtship which consists of social activities wherein the two people involved assess the suitability of the other one as a future partner of the intimate kind or even as a spouse, which does not always include the intimate part! Ask many grumpy men about that! Once you meet, at a friend’s house or any other means, you mutually decide on a social activity in ethic to indulge and the set the date for said activity. Then you go home and ponder for days on what to wear and what NOT to say to each other.

A definite no-no is ex-girlfriends and boyfriends, the fact that you would love your date to meet your mother who has a small problem with control and alcohol or your last stay at Weskoppies. Choose, rather, movies you have seen recently (you may have seen some if you don’t mind going out alone and ending up looking like a weird creep in the last row by yourself) or the situation in Crimea. No maybe not that… try the re-release of ‘Friends’ on series showcase or something equally innocuous.

Remember, social rules vary widely between cultures and class so it could be a kind of hit and miss to-ing and fro-ing until you establish a rhythm. Don’t be too sure that you will do so. Sometimes it’s far more of the miss than the hit. If you make a huge dating blunder of any sort, you can either apologise or run away screaming. Online dating can help you meet somebody and then to do the preliminary screening before you make the date but the outcome could be dangerously the same as always. Anyway, give it a bash.

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