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Four Potential New Rules for Dating

by / Thursday, 28 November 2013 / Published in Blog

Online dating and matchmaking would be so much easier and more successful if everyone followed a set of simple rules that really just serve common decency.

1. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Instead of potentially hurting someone by not being completely honest, why not just be up front from the get go? People appreciate honesty over anything. When it comes to Internet dating, it is important to be clear with your intentions rather than create false hope. If you’re interested in someone, tell them. If you’re not interested, rather tell the person in a nice way. In the long run, you are avoiding heartache and deception. Also always be honest about yourself on your dating profile. If you’re one person online and another in person, chances are the potential relationship will be unsuccessful once you meet.

2. Don’t take things so personally. It’s simple, if there is little or no interest from one side, best something is said. When it is, accept it and don’t take it to heart. It wasn’t the perfect match and it wasn’t meant to be. Your perfect match will come along when the time is right. Plus, it is a learning experience for you to see how you handle certain situations. Although rejection is never fun, you can always take something from it and find better ways of dealing with it.

3. Don’t assume. Try not to assume things. It is a total waste of your time. Overanalyzing can lead to feelings of mistrust and potential problems in a relationship. Rather voice big concerns or let little ones go.

4. Always be the best you can be. Being an honorable person makes your life and other people’s lives so much more fulfilling. If you always do your best, you will have little regret. Whether you are a matchmaker attempting to set up a couple or a single man or single woman in search of love, always be the best version of you. Do the best you can for the other person or for the two people you are setting up. It could ultimately result in a successful, long-term relationship.

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