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How Dating Online Works

by / Monday, 19 May 2014 / Published in Blog

Dating online has, perhaps, taken some of the drudgery out of meeting people but there are still rules to be remembered and applied, scary thing is, the rules change all the time but go for it anyway. You don’t have much to lose if the last time you had a date was your last year in primary school.

In Myanmar and Thailand women are expected to write love poetry and give gifts to the men they wish to win over. Just say thanks that this tradition doesn’t extend to us here. Who on earth has the time to write poetry these days. There is barely time to drag yourself through the day making a show of working and socialising. A good point to remember is that, by definition, dating is a trial period wherein people explore whether or not to take the relationship further. Thank heavens that no trial can last forever!

In the world of modern day celebrities dating means that a famous couple is seen out together whilst vehemently denying that they are an item. ‘We’re just friends’ is the defence but 3 weeks later they are pregnant and planning a wedding on the Falkland Islands. The evaluating period then comes afterwards. After 2 months they decide that they have nothing in common and each has met a new prospect on the set of the latest movie on which they worked together. After an exhaustively expansive wedding, they divide up the gifts and the children and have an even more expensive divorce.

The next dating period has already begun (remember they have already met the new partner on that movie set) so things move quickly now. The cycle starts again and by the time the celebrities are old (about 40) they have notched up three or four marriages and divorces.

Seriously, it’s not always so horrible. Some people meet and match for life and if you are unable to meet single people, try dating online and you could be lucky. Perhaps your soul mate is just a click away.

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