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Creating the ideal online dating profile

by / Tuesday, 29 April 2014 / Published in Blog

Online Dating

When people register for an online dating site, the most common question asked is ‘how do I create a good dating profile?’ If you are searching for your soul mate online, remember to be as accurate as possible in your profile. Honesty is key! You need to put effort into your profile, this effort will not go unnoticed and will attract more possible dates. Wouldn’t you prefer to chat to someone online who had a thorough profile and an up to date profile image? I thought so.

Keep your photograph up to date and don’t edit it. There is nothing worse than a photo shopped image – oh, and by the way, these are easy to spot. Another no-no? Do not use an old photograph, this is misleading and when someone realises that you are in fact using an old photo, this will become known and no one will trust your profile any longer. Be honest online – this is key to a successful online dating experience.

When you write about yourself in your profile, think about what you would want to know while reading someone else’s profile. Try to focus on your positive attributes without over selling yourself. Be honest. Do you have a fun and interesting hobby or skill? Share this on your profile – you never know who will be intrigued by this or who relates to this. Write about what sets you apart from the rest – do you love horse-riding or fine dining – share this on your profile.

Spell check! Spell Check! Spell Check! Once you have set up your profile double check all the content to make sure that you have been grammatically correct and have not made some embarrassing mistakes. No one likes having their flaws pointed out – or looking stupid.

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