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Calling the Crazy

by / Wednesday, 19 March 2014 / Published in Blog

We all have a few stories about our ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend who seems to display genuine mental health issues. From stalking you through the bushes to disastrous blind dates. The thing is, this “crazy behaviour” was just me pointing out behaviour I didn’t like. This damaged my attitude towards women- perhaps I acted just as crazy as I thought they did. To be honest, I did peek through those bushes once…

I called women crazy, my friends called women crazy, and I started to see it everywhere. Calling someone crazy- when they aren’t- trivialises a genuine mental health issue. It damages women and relationships on a whole. Calling someone crazy basically says, “I don’t like your behaviour.” So why don’t we just say that? They aren’t crazy, they’re simply different, and they behave differently. We need to stop using “she/he was crazy” as an excuse for relationship woes or breakups.

As a guy, I’ve used this excuse many times. In fights, out of fights, during disagreements or arguments, and occasionally just to get a reaction. I didn’t consider how it felt to her. I refused to make an emotional connection and explain that I wanted her behaviour to stop, so, I called her crazy. Calling someone crazy over a period of time will lead them to believe that they are.

The truth of the matter is that that behaviour almost becomes a prerequisite. We don’t think before we speak. We’re irrational and selfish. Aren’t relationships about give and take? So guys, and girls, stop calling the crazy.

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