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The Age of Matchmaking

by / Friday, 16 May 2014 / Published in Blog

Finding the right person

Matchmaking is an age-old tradition-along with being stretched on the rack. When your granny says she has somebody she would love you to meet you are immediately transported to the Medieval Inquisition and you can feel the pain of cartilage snapping and muscles tearing as you get ripped apart by wooden rollers and pulleys whilst being branded with icy-hot steel as you smell your own flesh sizzle. Yes, that is exactly what a blind date is like. No worse punishment could be delivered to a hapless single person.

You are probably so keen to meet a likely partner or friend but the concomitant complications are severely off putting. Your granny will assure you that so-and-so is such a sweet soul with a lovely personality but you already know that this individual was probably the lead in the newest Godzilla movie- cast because of looks and demeanour! Unable to hurt granny’s feelings, you acquiesce and bite yourself. What have you done?

Rather tell her that you are busy on that night and every other night for the foreseeable future and that you appreciate her matchmaking efforts. Wise up and get online immediately for a far less painful and punitive option. Do all the horrible sifting and selecting online in the peace and comfort of your own home. You don’t even have to get out of those pyjamas.

When you do, however, go on that first date after choosing a likely candidate, it is considered polite to don an appropriate outfit as well as an amenable attitude. If you’ve done the basics online and you’ve been honest and open, there should be no major setbacks at all. You are now free to establish a contact with your date and to engage on a slightly deeper level. You’ve probably eliminated all the things that you really hate in a person so you can now explore things that you could possibly really like in the one sitting opposite you.

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